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About auto branding in India Auto Advertising, In hustling and bustling Indian cities, getting your ad noticed is one of the most challenging aspects that advertisers often face. It is important to get your brand message out in an innovative manner. Auto advertising provides a unique solution to the problem, as autos makeup for the 2nd most widely used public transport after buses.
With auto advertising, your ads get city wide visibility, and this in turn helps you to grow your outreach over a period of time.
You can connect with all segments of the society from students, to housewives, to office commuters, affluent and non affluent people to get your brand message across. What’s more? It’s quick and affordable means of advertising your product without having to commit to longer periods of advertising.

Why Auto Rickshaw Advertising?

Forms of Auto advertising:
Auto advertising can only be done on the posterior part of the auto rickshaw. There are mainly two types of auto rickshaw advertising options available:

Auto Hood: The ad is displayed on the complete auto hood i.e. the sides and back excluding the window portion.

Auto back Panel:
The ad is displayed in the size of 40’’X18’’. The ad is only displayed on the back of the auto excluding the window portion.

Cities in which we provide Auto advertising:
Balaji Media Group is a dedicated media and advertising agency that provides Auto advertising services Pan India, both in cities and small towns. You can call us at +91 80 48535443 to discuss your requirement.

It is mandatory to design your ad keeping in mind the window space on the auto rickshaw.

Advantages of Auto rickshaw advertising in Indian cities:

Steps in executing Auto Advertising:

Step 1:
Select the the location that you want to target, the type of advertisement, no. of autos you want to advertise on, the duration of the campaign and the start date.
Need help with planning your next auto advertising campaign? Mail your requirements to us at and we will draw out the perfect campaign for you.

Variables Sample Variable Selections
Media Option Back Panel/ Auto Hood/ Inside Auto
Target Locations BTM/ Kanakpura/ Rohini
Campaign Start Date 20th Jan/ 10th Jun/ 28th Nov

Step 2:

Email the filled table to

Step 3:
Once we check for ad space availability and confirm, we can book your slot.

Step 4:
Submit your branding artwork and make the payment.

How do I know my ad has been placed?
The pictures of the live campaign will be shared with you in 2 working days.

Balaji Media group - An Auto Advertising Agency
Balaji media group is recognised as a dedicated auto advertising agency as we provide the best and lowest advertising rate for auto advertising to our clients.
Looking for affordable and best auto advertising rates? Get the best discounts and ideas to execute you campaigns here at BMG. Get in touch with us by dropping a mail to or call us on +91 80 48535443


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