Bus Advertising Indian cities are rife with many modes of public transport. Out of all the transit mediums, city buses account for the highest share of daily travelers. With a large strata of the society using public buses for transportation, advertisements on/in them can be used to reach out to the masses.

From students, to occasional travellers, to homemakers, tourists and corporate employees, Bus advertising can be aimed to target people locally. A fantastic advertising medium to create brand awareness for new/existing products, bus branding is the preferred choice of advertisement for many FMCG companies, Real estate, vehicle brands, amongst many others.

The biggest advantage that comes with Bus branding is geo targeting. You can only advertise in/on buses which travel to the locations where you want your advertisement to be seen. In metro cities, you have the option of advertising in either AC buses or Non AC buses or on both, thereby allowing you to target upscale audiences and masses both effectively.

Why Bus advertising?

Types of Bus branding/ Bus advertising activities:

Bus advertising can be done on different parts of the bus. These include:
Complete interior bus advertising: In Interior bus branding, your advertisement is displayed on the seatback of driver, seatback of passengers and on specially designed grab handles.

Complete exterior bus advertising: In exterior bus branding, your advertisement will be pasted on the all exposed sides of the bus, i.e. on both sides of the bus and on the back of the bus.

Full bus advertising: Both interior of the bus and the exterior will have your advertisement.

Back Panel advertising: Your ad is only displayed on the back panel of the bus. This is popular in Non- AC buses.

Choosing AC vs Non AC bus advertising: Choosing to advertise in AC or Non AC buses depends totally upon what kind of advertisement display you need, and the audience you are targeting. AC bus service is generally used by working professionals, therefore you can use your ads in an AC bus to target a premium audience. However, if you wish to target the general audience, at large then Non AC bus is good for mass targeting. You can avail bus advertising services for the following cities:

Bangalore:  Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation or BMTC is the official bus plier in Bangalore city. The buses run day in and day out across the area of 800 sq kms, catering to students, day travellers, working professionals, businessmen and more.

Delhi:  In the capital city of India, Delhi Transportation Corporation or DTC is the official bus plier. Apart from Rickshaws and Metro, Delhiites choose city buses as the main form of transport for in city travel.

Mumbai:  Apart from BEST buses, many other pliers work in Mumbai to provide seamless bus service to Mumbaikars. You can advertise with any of those, or call us to find out which bus service will be the right choice for you.

Chennai:  The MTC is the sole operator of public buses in Chennai city. With 5 million daily passengers, advertising in MTC buses is a valuable tool for advertisers looking to expand their markets in Chennai.

Kolkata:  City buses in Kolkata are run by the Calcutta State Transport corporation (abbreviated as CSTC). Kolkata being a large and populous city, apart from trams and metro, buses are the most frequently used public transport.


Hyderabad: The city of Nawabs has its bus services run by the Telangana State Road transportation Corporation. The heartland of Telangana, Hyderabad is a full fledged IT city, where bus advertising is very useful to grow customer base in a short term.

Other cities where we provide bus advertising services:

Execution Process:
Step 1:Select Variables: type of bus advertisement option, the Target Route Number of Buses you want to advertise in, the Duration of the campaign and Start date In case you need any help with planning, please write to us at balajimediagroup@outlook.com

Variables Sample Variable Selections
Media Option Back Panel
Target Depot HSR/ KR puram
Number of Buses 10/ 15/ 20
Campaign Duration 1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months
Campaign Start Date 27th Feb/ 15th Aug/ 23rd Dec

Step 2:
Email the filled table to balajimediagroup@outlook.com

Step 3:
If slots are available, you will have to submit your ad and make the payment for bus advertising.

How do I know my ad has been placed?
Once the campaign is live, the execution pictures of your campaign will be shared within 2 working days.

Balaji Media Group-
A Bus advertising agency, We are the leading providers for bus advertising. With BMG, discounts on Bus advertising, and regular offers, are a common occurence. We offer you the best rates on Bus advertising, by keeping the costs down, Give us a call on +91 80 48535443 or email us at enquiry@balajimediagroup.com, so we could help you with your next viral bus advertising campaign.


1. How many trips do buses make per day?
  6 to 7 trips a day.
2. How many people use AC bus to travel each day?
  Around 45-50 passengers per trip in each bus.
3. What is the distance an AC bus covers per day?
  On an average, it covers 210 Km per day.
4. Are there any offers available for bus branding?
  Yes, when the advertising is taken for a long time. there is a special offer available when the bus


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