Cab Advertising Transit media has become a really popular form of advertising in India. From metros to buses to the taxi services, transit media is an advertisers haven. Metropolitan cities in India, were the first to adopt widespread usage of cab services for easy shuttling of passengers from one point in the city to another. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune etc. have seen a surge in the riders of cabs ever since the inception of Ola and Uber. With innovative options like in cab advertising, exterior branding, video ads inside Sedan cars, Ola and uber have a lot to offer when it comes to cab advertising.

Why choose Cab advertising?

Types of Advertisements in Cabs:

Exterior doors branding: This is the most common type of Cab advertising where your brand image and message is pasted on the exterior of the Cab on all four sides. As the cab moves around the city, your brand message is delivered to a city wide audience.

Internal Seat Backs: These laminated Ad placards are placed behind the front seat headrests. These are pictorial ads that can be seen by passengers in the back seat.

Full cab branding: A full cab branding includes both exterior cab branding as well as Internal seat backs.

Ad video on Play screen: A short yet engaging video ad is played on the play screen in the cab, ad length can vary anywhere from 20 seconds to 40 seconds. These ads are usually played before the passenger uses the playscreen to browse the content of his choice.

Ad carousel on Play screen: A carousel ad of 5-6 slides will be played on the play screen in the cab. Minimum 2 slides should be there to play a carousel ad.

Banner ads: If the playscreen is not being used to play any content for more than 4 minutes, then an ad banner will appear for 10 seconds. In an hours ride, this banner will be played approximately 2-3 times.

Cab advertising services in Bangalore:
Bangalore is India’s silicon city, with most of the IT firms, big corporate houses and a home to many government organisations. With a population of 1.23 crores, taxis play day in and day out with the largest taxi giants being Ola and Uber.

Cab advertising services in Delhi:
Delhi- India’s capital city has a population of 1.9 crores, and was the earliest adopter of cab services. Cabs are a dominant means of public transportation apart from buses and metro. Almost every other person relies on cab for travelling, thereby making cab advertising an effective medium of spreading out your brand message.

Cab advertising services in Mumbai:
One of the most populated cities in the world, and the entertainment capital of India- Mumbai boasts of being home to 1.8 crore people. With a huge area, and cabs being an important part of daily travel, cab advertising seems to be the next flourishing media option in the city of Mumbai.

Cab advertising services in Kolkata:
The most populated city of North east India, with a population of approximately 45 lakh people, Kolkata is a home to many industries, corporate firms and government bodies. There are more than 20000 cabs plying in and around Kolkata city daily, and therefore it makes cab advertising an effective medium to reach out to audiences in Kolkata.

Cab advertising services in Chennai:
Chennai - the capital of Tamil Nadu is the fourth most populous city in India, with an approximate of 71 lakh people including localites and expats. A home to many economic, educational and cultural organisations, Chennai also houses many IT firms. As a developing metro city, cab facilities flourished since early 2000, making Chennai a home ground for starting cab advertising.

Cab advertising services in Pune:
After Mumbai, Maharashtra gave rise to another Metro city- Pune. With 34 lakh people and a ever thriving corporate base, Pune is the next emerging city. Ola and Uber have a 10000 cars fleet in Pune and therefore choosing cab advertising will be very effective to reach out the people of Pune.

Cab advertising services in Hyderabad: Hyderabad is a tourist's heaven. Almost every other IT giant has an office in Hyderabad. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are two adjacent cities which are connected by continuous taxi services. With a large area, an urban audience and a whopping population of 68 lakhs, Hyderabad is the perfect place to plan your cab advertising activities.

Why choose Taxi advertising in Indian Metro cities:

Balaji Media Group- A cab advertising agency: Thinking of taking your brand on a thrilling ride? Wait no more. With cab advertising packages from BMG, your campaigns can reach the length and breadth of the city, gaining you millions of impressions. What’s more? Your brand becomes noted and you gain new customers in the process. Balaji media group has been instrumental in carrying out cab advertising campaigns from the past 4 years. With BMG, you can get the best rates for cab advertising in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and other Indian cities. Drop us an enquiry at or call us at +91 80 48535443

Cab advertising- Process of Execution: In order to execute your cab advertising, certain steps need to be followed. These can include:
Step 1: Select the Variables i..e. your choice of Media Option, How many cabs you would need to advertise on, the duration of the campaign and the start date of the campaign.
If you need some help with planning your cab advertising campaign, drop a mail to    

Variables Sample Variable Selections
Media Option External - Doors/ Internal - Seat Back/ Full Cab
Number of Cabs 50/70/90
Campaign Duration 1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months
Campaign Start Date 27th Feb/ 15th Aug/ 23rd Dec

Step 2: Email us your requirements and we will check for slot availability and check for discounts( if any)
Step 3: Once cab availability is confirmed, submit to us the artwork and make the final payment
What is the proof of Execution? Once your cab advertising campaign goes live, the pictures of your campaign will be shared with you.


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