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About Digital branding in India With the advent of a digital era, it is very important for businesses to put their digital marketing strategy forward, to grow their businesses. Be it a steady presence on Social media or getting more leads, customers and outreach by creating ads, a proper social strategy is of utmost importance, when it comes to reaching out to new markets.
So how do you plan and chart out the best strategy to fulfill your digital marketing goals? We, at Balaji media group, take up the task of growing your SM presence, planning out the best ads that will work on your business goals- be it getting followers, getting leads, sales or a wider presence, and awareness.

Firstly, we need to know what are the advantages of Digital Advertising in India?

Why is Digital Advertising rewarding?
Digital advertising is most importantly used for increasing the brand awareness, and growing the brand online, comes with its own advantages. Some of them may include:

A few key terms to understand digital advertising:

Digital Advertising Options
Digital advertising options are aplenty and can be tailored to suit your marketing need:

Digital Advertising Cost and Rate Card
Digital advertising campaigns vary according to a number of criteria. Every social media platform has it own Digital Advertising rates. It is easy to set up advertisements on self serve platforms like Google, Facebook and Linked In, which provide pricing options like CPC, CPM. Other factors that influence the ad cost include, ad quality, competitiveness on the keyword, and the target audience for the ad. Affiliate websites allow advertisement on their platform (in CPM and CPC format, varies site to site) in form of video ads, audio ads and display banners.

Following are the various digital advertising pricing models that can be offered by your digital marketing agency:

Apart from CPI, CPM etc. there are other ways realise the digital marketing goals, like getting paid articles and collaboration with influencers. These premium options are priced higher than other popular options.

Top Websites for Digital Advertising in India.

The most popular websites in India according to alexa ranking are:

Website Category Website Category
Google Search Engine Instagram Social Media
Youtube Entertainment Quora Social Media
Facebook Social Media Sarkariresult Competitive Exams
Yahoo Search Engine NDTV News
Amazon E-commerce Rediff Life style
Flipkart E-Commerce Naukri Job Search
Hotstar Entertainment LinkedIn Social Media
IRCTC Travel/Ticket Booking Twitter Social Media
Cricbuzz Sports Book My Show Events/Ticket Booking
Indiatimes News/Lifestyle Manoramaonline News

How to select the Digital Advertising Option fit for your business:

Different advertisers have different business goals and needs, to address these needs there are specific platforms which provide options for their successful fruition.

My Product is searched and bought online:
  1.Search 2. Display

My Product is researched online but bought offline:
  1.Google Display 2. Social Media Plateforms

Want to reach out to decision makers(B2B) :
  1.LinkedIn 2.Google Display

Reach out to students:
  1.Social 2. Google

Running a campaign for supporting my office advertising:
  1.Google display 2. You tube/Hotstar

Lead Generaton:
  1.Facebook 2. LinkedIn

Traffic to site:
  1. Google Display

App Downlaod:
  1. Google Display

Mass Reach needed:

The above mentioned are only few of the popular digital media options. BMG offers multiple marketing options. Let us know your budget and business requirements so that we can draft the best online media advertising plan for you.

Digital Advertising for Small Businesses:
Are you a first time advertiser who is looking to play safe on the advertising pitch? Are you a small business that has just started out and has a low advertising budget? Then , Digital Advertising is the best option for you. This is because with digital advertising, you get the option of testing waters, by launching your first ad campaign, and monitoring its results in real time. Digital advertising allows you to measure ROI and track and compare the performance of various campaigns simultaneously

Balaji Media group: A Digital Advertising Agency in India
At Balaji Media Group, we help you find the best online advertising campaign, from our 1000+ listed options. We can help you optimize your online campaigns in an economical fashion, and set up your Google Search and Google Display campaigns. We help you in placing your advertisement using google adwords, and also optimize content for other self serve platforms and social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Quora.
Apart from social media and Google, BMG helps you partner with popular websites, optimized Mobile sites, Facebook pages etc, and offers the best digital advertising options for your perusal. Get in touch with us at to get the best discounts and execute your Digital advertising campaign with us.


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