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About Magazines advertising in India Magazine advertising is a popular advertising tool which is cost effective yet provides a high impact and reach. The print media is one of the oldest advertising options available to advertisers. Magazines help to reach out to niches and present the brands in a well defined manner. Balaji Media Group is a registered Magazine advertising agency that provides you with the best rates for Magazine advertising in India.

Why choose Magazine advertising?

What are the types of magazines you can advertise in?There are a lot of magazine categories that are popular with readers in India. Some of the genres with high readership include:

What are the type of Ads you can place in Magazines?Other than regular print ads, there are many innovative options available for advertising in magazines. These include

These innovative advertising options are priced higher than the regular magazine ads.

What is the cost of Advertising in Magazines in India?There are certain factors that determine the cost of advertising in Magazines, some of them include:

You can find all costs and figures and the cheapest magazine advertising rates, right here at Adhox.

Ad format for magazine Ads: The ad format for every magazine differs. Here at Adhox, we have listed the Ad formats and dimensions for all the magazines in India. Magazine agencies usually accept ads in .pdf format.

List of popular magazines to advertise in IndiaThe list of top popular magazines in India for advertising is:

Magazine Name Language
India today English, Hindi
Brunch> English
Vanitha Hindi, Malayalam
Gruhshobha Hindi
Kumudam Tamil
Reader's Digest English
Star Dust English
Saras Salil Hindi
Inside Outside English
Indigo Hello 6E English
Auto India English
Digit Magazine English

At Adhox, you can find the advertising card rate, discounted ad rate, reach details and readership for the magazines mentioned above.

Balaji Media group - A Magazine Advertising Agency BMG provides the lowest ad rates to you, to facilitate the smooth execution of placing your ads in the magazine of your preference. We have an association with top magazines in India, therefore you can contact us for best discounts for your magazine advertising campaign. Drop us a mail at or reach us out at +91 80 48535443

Some Frequently asked questions about Magazine advertising: Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) about Magazine advertising

I. How much does it cost to advertise in magazines?
The cost of advertising in a magazine differs from magazine to magazine. Certain attributes that affect the cost can include readership rates, ad size, type of ad etc. At Adhox, you can find the best rate for Magazine advertising at our portal for more than 1000 widely read magazines in India.

II. How do I know the readership of a magazine?
Indian readership survey is a platform which makes this data public. It reports Magazine readership rates. However, very few magazines are covered by IRS and most of the magazine circulation number is self reported.

III. Will the magazine agency help me design my ad?
Yes, at Adhox, we have creative designers who meticulously work according to your requirements, to make your ad captivative. However, cost of creating depends on the exact requirements given in the brief, and is not included in the magazine advertising rate mentioned on the site.

IV. How many days in advance do I need to book my magazine ad?
Advertisers need to share their magazine ad at least 3 days in advance of the printing.

V. Are the magazines advertising rates mentioned on the site the best rates?
No. Magazines usually come up with attractive discounts and advertising packages which you can use to your benefit. It’s important to keep a check on these kind of discounts by getting in touch with the magazine advertising agency or directly with the publication house.

VI. How long would my ad remain in the magazine?
Usually, Magazines run a print ad for one full print cycle. So if a magazine is printed weekly, the ad would remain in the magazine for 7 days.

VII. What steps needs to be followed to place an ad in magazine?

VIII. How would I know if my ad was published? Once the ad is approved and ready, Magazine advertising agency provides you with a soft copy of the ad. The hard copy, is given to you after the magazine is printed.


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