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About Metro branding in India
One of the newest innovative media solution that has come to light in the world of Advertising is Metro Rail branding solutions. Metro rails or Metros as they are commonly called, are fast paced transit mediums of public transportation. In Metro Advertising, you can have both, advertising in Metro stations, and advertise your brand on the Metro Rails. For all these options, a creative Media agency like Balaji Media Group will help you to approach your desired Metro service provider, get the artwork done, and get offers on Metro Advertising, to execute your campaign at a much cheaper rate.

Why advertise on Metros in India?
After public buses, autos, and taxis, the urban population in India relies on the usage of Metros, for moving about the city, conveniently. Metros are used by the youth generally, with people between the ages of 15-50. This opens up your brand to the most captivated audience, thereby helping to spread your message across many target groups. Metros are populous with working class people, who have a vast following on social media, which is in favor of your brand, and helping in growing your outreach.

Advantages of Metro Advertising

Indian Cities which provide Metro station Branding, Metro Rail Branding and Metro advertising:

Indian Cities which provide Metro station Branding, Metro Rail Branding and Metro advertising:

  • Delhi Metro
    • No. of daily travellers- 2,760,000
    • No. of stations- 236
  • Mumbai Metro
    • No. of daily travellers-150,000
    • No. of stations- 12
  • Kolkata Metro
    • No. of daily travellers-700,000+
    • No. of stations- 24
  • Kochi Metro
    • No. of daily travellers-30,000+
    • No. of stations- 16
  • Chennai Metro
    • No. of daily travellers- 55,000+
    • No. of stations- 26
  • Hyderabad Metro
    • No. of daily travellers- 200,000+
    • No. of stations- 40
  • Bangalore Metro ( Namma Metro)
    • No. of daily travellers- 440,000+
    • No. of stations- 40
  • Gurgaon Metro
    • No. of daily travellers- 75,000+
    • No. of stations-11
  • Jaipur Metro
    • No. of daily travellers- 20,000+
    • No. of stations- 9
  • Lucknow Metro
    • No. of daily travellers- 10000+
    • No. of stations- 8
  • Advertising in Metro Rail: Advertising can be done on a metro rail as a wrap on its bogeys, on the panels inside its handlebars, above and on the sides of seats and partitions.

    Advertising in Metro Station: Advertising can be done on LED screens, display boards and as standees inside Metro station.

    Execution Process: Steps in Execution of Metro Advertising/ Metro branding:

    Step 1:  Select the kind of Media option you want to advertise on, your campaign dates, and the duration of how long you want your advertisement activity to continue. Need help with planning?  Connect with us at

    Variables Sample Variable Selections
    Media Option Standees
    Number of Units 10
    Campaign Duration 1 Month/ 2 Months/ 3 Months
    Campaign Start Date 1st Mar/ 15th Apr/ 20th May

    Step 2: Email the filled table to or call us at +91 80 48535443 to discuss further requirements.

    Step 3:  Once we check for Ad space availability, and offers on metro advertising, we will notify you.

    Step 4: To book your campaign, submit your artwork and make the payment to get it all started.

    How do I know my ad has been placed?
    Once the campaign is executed, the pictures will be shared with you in 2 working days.

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    Want to have your ad on fast paced Metro rails swooshing across the city? Become known as a Hi end brand and target your choice of premium audience as you advertise on Metro. Balaji media group is recognised as a dedicated metro branding and metro advertising agency as we provide the best and lowest advertising rate for Metro rail advertising to our clients. We have a tie up with the all the Metro stations in India. Looking for affordable and best metro advertising rates? Get the best discounts and ideas to execute you campaigns here at BMG. Get in touch with us by dropping a mail to or call us on +91 80 48535443


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