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About Newspaper advertising in India Newspapers are one of the oldest media advertising options open to businesses. In fact, the total profits of newspapers come from ads. Even now, many product oriented businesses, advertise in newspapers. Newspaper advertising accounts for a large share of the total marketing budget of a company.
Newspapers give you the options of different types of ad- Display ads, Classifieds and other Innovative options.

Why choose Newspaper advertising?

What type of ads can be placed in Newspapers?

Newspaper ads can be broadly categorised into:

Display ads:
These are the common pictorial ads that you see in newspapers, also known as print ads. These ads can be of various sizes and rates of advertising depends on the ad size. Therefore, a half page ad will be more expensive than a quarter page ad. Standard Newspaper advertising options are Full Page ads, Half Page ads, Quarter Page ads and then smaller size ads.

Classifieds are the small text ads that are put together in a single page. Some classifieds can also contain images. Some of the most common classifieds include:

Innovative ads: These ads are different from the normal text or pictorial ads. They include options such as Pointer Ads, Ear Panels, samplings and Newspaper Jackets.

Cost of advertising in Indian Newspapers:
There are certain factors, that determine, the cost of advertising in newspapers. Some of these include

Readership : Newspapers with wide reach will attract a premium pricing than newspapers with a lower readership

Page number: Advertising rates also depend on where you want to place your ad in the newspaper. The cover and back pages attract a more premium priced advertising rate than the middle pages.

Type of ad: Cost of advertising also depends on the type of ad - whether it is a classified ad or a full display ad. Classifieds occupy less space, therefore they are good low cost newspaper advertising options.

Size of ad: Large size ads will have a higher price than small size ads.

To place your ad in a Newspaper, you need to process it through a media agency. At BMG, we get you the best cost for newspaper advertising in India as we have a tie-up with almost all the leading dailies. You can also keep checking out our portal to know if any newspapers are offering discounts on advertising.

How is the cost of advertising calculated? Newspapers usually calculate the tariff for advertising on a per square cm basis. For example, if the rate card of a newspaper mentions Rs.150 as its cost, then a 5 sq cm size ad will cost Rs.750. The minimum ad size for Times Display classified ad is 3x5 cm. Standard Newspaper advertising options are Full Page ads, Half Page ads, Quarter Page ads and then smaller size ads.

Newspaper advertising size and ad format Different Newspapers and publication companies, offer different ad sizes. The following list of Newspaper ad size will give you a general idea on square cm. This table also gives you the different ads types available in Newspaper

Ad type Dimension (in sq cm)
Full Page Newspaper ad 1760
Half Page Newspaper ad 825
Quarter Page Newspaper ad 400
Sky Bus Newspaper ad 165
Jacket Newspaper ad 3520

Advertisers need to provide their ad in .PDF format to the Newspaper advertising agency. The ad format in Newspaper follows CMYK color pattern.

List of popular Newspapers in IndiaThe list of top popular Newspaper in India for advertising is:

Newspaper Name Language
The Times of India English
Hindustan Times English
The Hindu English
The Telegraph English
Dainik Bhaskar Hindi, Gujrati
Aaj Hindi
Dainik Jagran Hindi
Sakal Marathi
Daily Thanthi Tamil
Eenadu Telugu
Malayalam Manorama Malayalam
Prajavani Kannada

At our portal Adhox, you can find card rate, discounted rate, reach details and readership for the leading Indian Newspapers and publications.

Balaji Media group - A Newspaper Advertising Agency Balaji media group is recognised as a dedicated newspaper advertising agency as we provide the best and lowest advertising rate for Newspaper advertising to our clients. We have a tie up with the leading publication houses in India.
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Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) about Newspaper advertising

I. How much does it cost to advertise on a Newspaper?
As mentioned earlier in the article, there are certain factors that determine the price, which include which newspaper you want to advertise in, size of your ad, type of ad etc. At Adhox, find the best newspaper advertising rates for more than 1000 options and choose the ad as per your campaign requirements.

II. How do I know the readership of a Newspaper?
Indian readership survey or IRS is a body that publishes the newspaper readership statistics. This data is a paid therefore ask your Newspaper advertising agency or the publication house to furnish this. You should definitely look at this data before placing an ad in the Newspaper.

III. How do I get discounts while advertising in Newspapers?
A newspaper advertisement agency like ours can help you get discounts on ads. To get discount you must share the preliminary ad information with us, such as the ad size, brand category, and the number of inserts.

IV. Will Newspapers help me design my ad?
No, the ad must be designed by a designer appointed by you, or you can ask your advertising agency to design the ad for you. BMG appoints specialised skilled ad designers who can help you plan and design a striking and noise making ad, based on your requirements and brief. However, this is an additional cost and therefore is not included in the rate card shown on our page.

V. How many days in advance do I need to book my Newspaper ad?
Advertisers need to share the ad one day in advance, prior to the day of printing.

VI. Are the Newspaper advertising rates mentioned the best rates for Newspaper Advertising?
No. Newspapers usually come up with attractive discounts and advertising packages which you can use to your benefit. It’s important to keep a check on these kind of discounts by getting in touch with the newspaper advertising agency or directly with the publication house.

VII. In what format do Newspapers accept ads?
All publication houses accept ads in PDF format for Newspaper advertising.

VIII. Can I cancel the ad once booked?
Yes, In case the ad has not been printed, advertisers can make a cancellation after booking.

IX. What steps needs to be followed to place an ad in Newspaper?

X. How would I know if my ad was published?
Your Newspaper advertising agency will provide you with a soft copy of the ad the day ad is placed. After the ad is published, you will get a hard copy of the same.


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