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About Radio advertising in IndiaRadio advertising is not a commo media choice amongst advertisers, but it is one of the most effective platforms if used to fruition.
Many lifestyle brands, food and beverages and financial companies use radio advertising as their choice of media to promote their brand to the masses.
A brand message when heard repetitively, establishes itself in the listeners mind, and comes back to him subconsciously at one point in time. Radio advertising makes use of this sense, by playing a catchy jingle or a ad message repetitively at fixed intervals.
In India, All India Radio was the prime radio station for broadcasting Radio content and ads until the turn of the millenium. After which, private broadcasting stations came up with broadcasting regional content and English content.
Metro cities account for more number of listeners in comparison to rural. With more than 80 localised radio stations, all across India, advertisers have got a wide range of radio stations to choose from and deliver the message to their target audience.
Popular radio channels in India include: Radio Mirchi, Radio city, Indigo, Radio One, Red FM, Radio Fever and FM AIR Rainbow.

What is the cost of advertising on the Radio?The cost of radio advertising depends on a number of factors:

Time slot:This is the time when you want your ad to be played. Basically there are three times when you can choose from:

Length of the Ad:The length of a radio ad can range anywhere from 10 sec to 30 sec. Radio stations usually charge the advertising cost per 10 sec. The cost with a good and popular radio station for radio advertising can shoot as high as Rs.2500 per advertisement for 10 seconds.

The popularity of the FM station:If the radio station broadcasts to a metro city, and has a good audience in terms of listeners, then advertising with such a popular radio station will be costlier when compared to a radio station with fewer listeners. Cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. have a higher audience in comparison to other cities in India. Balaji Media Group is a radio advertising agency, that provides you with the rate card for all the leading radio stations in India. Finding radio advertising expensive? Advertise on the radio station in your preferred city with discounted radio advertising rates shared with us by the radio stations.

List of time bands for advertising in FM Radio and their relative cost:

Band Name Explanation Advertising Cost
Morning Prime Time Morning 7am - 12 noon Premium charged
Evening Prime Time Evening 5pm - 9pm Premium charged
Afternoon band 12 Noon to 5 pm Normal Pricing

Balaji Media Group - A Radio Advertising Agency Balaji Media group is one of the top radio advertising agencies in India, we help you advertise in FM Radio stations in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai among 60 other cities. We have a tie up with the popular radio stations in India such as Radio Mirchi, Red FM, AIR, Radio Fever, Radio Indigo, Suryan FM, Radio One among others. We guarantee to give you the best FM radio advertising rates, when you advertise with us. At our portal Adhox, you can find the complete list of FM Stations in India with their card rate and best advertising offer rate online. We also help in getting the jingles recorded for your radio advertisement.

Why Radio advertising? Radio advertising comes with a lot of advantages. Some of them include:

List of FM Radio Advertising options:

Option Explanation
Jingle advertising Most popular media option for FM Radio Advertising. Radio jingle is played which can be anywhere between 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Advertising rates for jingle is the lowest rate among all other radio advertising media options.
RJ Mention A subtle form of FM Radio advertising, popular RJs talk about the brand on radio. FM Stations charge a premium for advertising on radio FM through RJ mentions
Sponsorship tag Brands can sponsor a popular program on radio. FM Stations provide sponsorship tags for free as a part of the FM Radio advertising package.
Radio Contes Brands can give away prizes to FM Radio listeners who participate in contests run by popular RJs on their radio shows. An interesting FM Radio advertising format which comes at a premium on regular FM radio advertising rate.
Time Check Brands can sponsor time check on the FM Radio. An FM advertising format suitable for long term advertisers.
Studio Shift Radio RJs can come and cover the event at advertiser location. This is one of the most expensive FM Radio advertisement option and radio stations charge a heavy premium on the regular card rate of FM Radio advertising.
Roadblock Brands can choose to play only their ads for a given period of time. This FM advertising options give brands an opportunity to reach out in a non cluttered environment on Radio. As this is a premium advertising option on FM radio, advertisers pay a premium of regular FM radio advertising rate.

Timeline for advertising in Radio All radio stations have a schedule prepared on what to air the next day, therefore it is imperative on advertisers to provide their ad/ jingle before 4pm, to start campaigns on the next day. Also, Radio Stations advertising department do not work on the weekends.

How would you know if your ad is being broadcast by a Radio station?
Advertisers are notified in advance about when their ad is going to be played. For more assurance, a radio broadcasting certificate is also provided at the end of the campaigns. For premium options such as RJ mentions, recordings are provided as a proof of campaign execution.

How to get your Radio Ad noticed?

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) about FM Radio advertising

I. Where can I find listenership data of radio stations in India ?
RAM(Radio Audience Meter) reports the listenership data for 4 indian cities. It is a paid service.

II. How much does it cost to advertise on FM radio?
As mentioned earlier, a 10 second radio ad will cost you anywhere between Rs.30 to Rs.2500. At Adhox, You can get the complete list of FM Radio stations in India and see their radio advertising rate cards.

III.What is the meaning of radio spot?
Radio spot in FM Advertising parlance refers to the jingle that is played as an ad during the ad break.

IV. How to give advertisement in FM Radio?
A radio advertising agency like Balaji Media group will help you select the right FM channel, and get the best rate of Radio advertising. We help you plan your ads, radio campaigns and fruitfully execute the same.

V. How can I get my Radio jingle recorded?
You can get your radio jingle recorded either through a professional studio or through the radio stations. Most radio advertising agencies help advertisers in getting their jingle recorded.

VI. How long should I advertise on FM Radio?
A week long campaign on radio will give you the correct resultant data and metrics to know whether to continue or change your campaign.

VII. How do I create an effective FM radio ad?
Offers are the no.1 key in getting your ad sound like music to the listeners ears. Always use catchy phrases, jingles with a lovely tune, and create a captivating story around your ad.


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