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About Theatre branding in India Theatre branding has been wooing advertisers from the past 30 years. A new age advertising option, theatre or cinema advertising is an interesting way to reach out to the masses. Rates of theatre branding are quite competitive yet the lowest among non mass media. Cinema advertising rates are one of the lowest among non mass media. Not only large advertisers, but many medium and small budget advertisers also find theatre branding to be a resourceful option.

Cinema giants in India include PVR Cinema, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, Sathyam Cinemas, DT Cinemas and Wave Cinemas. Theatres in Rural India with single screens are a great way to advertise hyperlocal, and reach out to the masses.

Theatre branding gives advertisers a chance to reach out to the cinema goers and is an innovative medium in comparison to other media vehicles. At Adhox, we have the rate cards for various cinema screens which you can see on our site. Factors that determine advertising and branding rates for theatre/ Cinema Advertising include location of the theatre, seating capacity of the cinema and the brand. Theatre Advertising in Single Screen Theatres is less expensive in comparison to Multiplex Cinema advertising rate. Ads at theatres can either be placed in cinema complexes or on the screen. Advertising in cinema complexes is known as Offline Cinema advertising. Popular Cinema Advertising media options include slide on the screens, videos on the screens and cinema branding in the cinema complex.

Cinema Advertising Rates
Theatre advertising rates differs across various Cinema theatres. Various factors determine these rates which include the type of cinema screen, number of seats, cinema location and the cinema brand. Cinema advertising cost for a Multiplex cinema advertising is normally higher than that for single screens. Every theatres have a cinema advertising rate card. We, at Adhox, have advertising rates for almost all the big screens in India.

Price of Theatre advertising is determined by type of ad- whether the advertisement is in displayed in slides or a full ad video. Also the length of the video also affects the price for theatre advertising, which is why many advertisers limit their ads to less than 30 seconds in totality.

Offscreen cinema ads are displayed for a month in your choice of cinema and rates are determined accordingly. However, rates for on screen theatre ads are quoted for a week only, and the ad is shown at the screens at every show. Thinking of advertising in a movie theatre? Find the discounted cinema advertising prices here at Adhox.

Media Options to advertise in Cinema.Theatre Advertising options can be distinguished into Onscreen Cinema Advertising and off Screen Cinema Advertising. Cinemas usually play ads at the beginning, preceding the movie screening and at the mid interval. Advertising rates for both these ads remain the same.

There are 4 advertising options available to advertise on screen in theatres:

Cinema Advertising Option Format
PVR, Inox, Cinepolis, Wave, Cinemax and most multiplexes J2K
UFO Cinema Screens UFO
qube MOV

Cinema Advertising agencies accept the ads in .mov and jpeg formats. Once these are shared with the advertising agency, specialist J2K convertor agencies can convert them into cinema ad formats. There is a conversion cost associated with cinema format conversion to J2K. Cinema slide size for on screen advertising should be 2048 x 858 pixel. Kindly use the image quality of 300 dpi or higher.

Censor Certification for Cinema Advertising

To play your video advertisement in a movie theatre, you need to procure a censor certificate. Some cinema advertising agencies are ready to apply for censor certificate on your behalf. They will charge you a cost of censor certification for cinema advertising.

Proof of Execution
Cinema halls provide Inspection passes to the advertisers so that they can inspect and approve the ad being played in the cinema. For off screen cinema advertising options, pictures are provided as proof of execution.

Balaji Media Group - A Cinema Advertising Agency
One amongst India’s leading Cinema advertising agencies, BMG has its presence across all metro cities and small towns in India like Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Guwahati, Delhi and Bangalore. We pride ourselves in being the best cinema advertising agency in India.

Want to advertise with us? Get the best rates to place your ad in any cinema hall across India. Our rates for theatre advertising are available online at our portal- ADHOX . Check the best rates for more than 8000 cinema screens and advertise with Adhox.

Advantages of Advertising in Cinema
To create a larger than life impact, and make your ad noticable and memorable, there isn’t a platform better than theatres to advertise in. The high frequency audio, large visuals, and immersive experience, help in precisely conveying the brand voice and message to the audience. There is no option of changing the channel (like on a TV ad). Your ad will never go unnoticed in a theatre. Audiences remain seated and the ad successfully engages with their conscious mind thereby improving chances of brand recall. Cinema screens are omnipresent, so it makes it easy for advertisers to reach out a specific set of target audience. Be it local/rural or urban. Thinking in terms of ROI and cost cutting, Cost per reach for theatre advertising is less than other non traditional advertising options.

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